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Wine Racks A Perfect Choice For Wine Storage

Wine Racks A Perfect Choice For Wine Storage

The dream of every wine enthusiast is the perfect wine cellar. Then you could buy wine when he is young but affordable and allow him to develop Drinkability. Many wines are getting ever only in their youth. Moreover, it is a sublime feeling when you feel like a great wine to be able to go in the own wine cellar to choose a bottle for the evening or a special occasion. Unfortunately, few people live in a chateau with vaulted cellar. Fortunately, it does not necessarily romantic candlelit crypt to store wine long term.

Wine should be stored dark and free from vibrations. The fridge is not so good place atleast for storage of wine, because here the compressor does not produce desired vibration. However, there are special vibration-free wine refrigerators. A high humidity is indeed bad for the labels, but ideally ensures that the cork does not dry out. The absolute storage temperature is not as critical. It is important that there should be no great temperature fluctuations. Temperatures between 10 and 16 ° C are ideal. So that the wine does not get frost damage, the temperature should never display below 0 ° C. A temperature above 35-40 ° C should be avoided. Even when buying older wines, the quality depends critically on how they were stored previously.

If you have a larger wine collection, you need sooner or later a wine rack, Wine bottles in a wooden wine rack especially if you store your wine in the cellar; a wine rack is the perfect storage. If you store your wine on the shelf and not keep it in a box, you will always have a direct view of your stocks and you may in time buy supplies. Which model should it be? The model variety is almost infinite, so that someone can find the right model for every home or every cellar. Even with the materials you have almost free choice – it should be a rack of steel or other metal? Also, wood and various plastics are used, as well as brick and sandstone. For the kitchen, smaller shelves, in which six to twelve bottles can be stored are – a small selection for different occasions. But note that this storage method is not suitable for long term storage, since the lifetime of fine wines in heat and light reduced. The basement, however, is usually dark and a bit cooler, so we recommend a wine rack as storage here.

Want a larger quantity of wine at hand store in the house or the kitchen, you should use instead of a wine rack to a wine refrigerator, this ensures constant climatic conditions and thus offers an ideal storage conditions. Shelf build yourself you can build wine racks themselves. If you opt for wood as a material, you should make absolutely sure that it is dry enough and is not attacked by pests that could damage the cork under certain conditions. Ensure that you choose the box or rack not too big, eventually bringing the bottles a lot on the scales and when the wine rack collapses under the weight, and you have only shards. How much does a shelf? The price range is very large. Very simple wooden models you get from just 10 Euros. Large shelves can cost up to 600 Euros. It all depends on the writer and the size.

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