Red Wine Has Always Been A Dentist’s Best Friend

Red Wine Has Always Been A Dentist’s Best Friend

If you enjoy a good glass…or two…or three…of red wine then you know that smiling immediately afterward doesn’t always project your best look. Red wine has a particularly effective way of clinging onto teeth and causing a pink smile.

And while the obvious solution would be to stop drinking red wine altogether, this blog isn’t the place for silly ideas such as that.

If you are getting ready for a night with friends or even if it’s after work drinks, make it a habit of giving your teeth a quick brush before you begin drinking any red wine. During the day between your regular brushes, a film of plaque will have begun to build up on your teeth. It is this film which facilitates staining from red wine. If you can remove this film before drinking, you are removing much of the environment sought by red wine stains.

During your night, give your mouth a swish with some fresh water in between every two or three glasses to give your teeth a rinse. It just takes a mouthful of water every few glasses to help keep stains at bay.

When the night finally comes to a close, as tempting as it can be to get straight into bed (or the couch), get into the routine of brushing your teeth first. This helps to stop any lingering red wine to continue to stain your teeth as you sleep.

Of course, if you have recently received Invisalign  treatments then it is important to remember to take out your guards out before drinking wine as it can lead to excessive plaque build up.

If you find that you enjoy red wine more than your regular toothpaste seems to be handling, consider a whitening toothpaste or speak with your Dentist about more professional options.

If try as you may, you just can’t seem to keep the stains at bay and feel like you never smile for fear or how your teeth will look, then there is really only one option for you. Switch to white.

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