Russian love of fine wine

Imperial Wines Of London Comment On The Russian Love Of Fine Wine

Imperial Wines Of London Comment On The Russian Love Of Fine Wine

Whilst Russia has always had an affinity for alcohol, it has typically been for the spirit variety. Only in recent years, Imperial Wines Of London say, has wine consumption in Russia begun to increase. Although vodka remains a popular drink, you are far more likely now to see people in high-end bars and restaurants sipping on fine wine, particularly in St Petersburg and Moscow, rather than downing shots of spirits. This shift in drink preferences has been noted not only in the general population of the country, but also in one of its former presidents, Dmitry Medvedev, who has publically encouraged Russians to switch from vodka to wine.

Imperial Wines Of London Medvedev believes that drinking wine will help to prevent Russians from overindulging in strong spirits, as the latter are far more likely to lead to health problems, when consumed in excess. Only time will reveal whether or not this tactic will prove successful; however, Imperial Wines Of London point out that the mere fact that such a strategy has been adopted, shows that fine wine consumption is quickly becoming an integral part of this country’s culture.

One of the most significant trends in regards to wine in Russia is its rise in reputation as a status symbol and luxury product. The move in the 1990s from a socialist to a market economy resulted in the creation of new upper classes that have taken a great interest in the market of luxury goods. Russians today are now not only drinking fine wine, but are also investing in it. Generally speaking, Imperial Wines Of London add, this nation has been known for its conservative investment approach but there has been a definite change in recent years. Russians have become far more adventurous in terms of where they put their money, leaving traditional share and stock markets behind as these become less stable, and instead veering towards alternative investment opportunities.

Russia currently ranks as one of the top ten countries in terms of its fine wine sales, and Imperial Wines Of London are confident that this trend will continue in the coming years, especially now that the Russians themselves are starting to produce their own fine wines in newly-developed vineyards around the country. Russian investors are known for being very particular about the commodities in which they put their money, and fine wine satisfies all of their criteria, offering stability, and impressive returns within a very short space of time.

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