How Will You Take Your Wine Bottles Home?

How Will You Take Your Wine Bottles Home?

Picture this, you are at a fantastic vineyard, and you are savouring a delicious glass of wine. Wouldn’t you like to take a bottle, or maybe 12, home with you? Now you can, with Lazenne – the leader in wine luggage accessories.

Transporting wine is easier than ever before with Lazenne’s collection of Wine Check Luggage. The Wine Check Luggage Collection provides space for up to 15 bottles of wines that also include their Bottle Protectors.  Bottles of various sizes can easily fit into the collection and the luggage conveniently comes with straps, rollers and is also environmentally friendly. Your valuable wine purchases are protected against major impacts and is crush resistant. The luggage also keeps steady pressure and temperature levels. With Lazenne Wine Check Luggage, you will be able to check your wine like normal luggage for European and international destinations.


Are you surprised to know that you can check wine at the airport? It is a common misunderstanding but passengers can check in bottles of wine exactly like they would for a suitcase. The following list makes travelling with Wine Check Luggage much easier:

  • Keep wine alcohol content under 24%. If you want a higher alcohol percentage in your liquor, keep it to 5 liters per person. Content over 70% alcohol is not allowed.
  • Lazenne Bottle Protectors are perfect for packing your wine safely and securely.
  • For international flights, keep the total Wine Check Luggage weight to below 50lbs or 23 kg to avoid overweight charges. Confirm your baggage weight limit policy with your airline.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the customs regulations of your destination country. Within the European Union, up to 90 litres of alcohol is allowed without additional fees for duties or taxes. The policies for alcohol in excess of duty-free quantities is generous in many countries, make sure you know what the policy is beforehand.
  • Check out com for more details, particularly Flying with Wine 101.image008

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