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How To Tell If Your Wine Is Bad

How To Tell If Your Wine Is Bad

There is nothing quite like a refreshing glass of white wine on a summer’s day or a warming glass of red after a long day at work. Wine should be stored at the right temperature to ensure that it does not go bad. Drinking a poor glass of wine isn’t something that anyone wants to do. There are several warnings signs which will indicate that wine has gone bad and that it should be poured away instead of being drunk.

The Colour Has Turned From Red To Brown

The colour of the wine is an important indicator as to whether it has gone off. In terms of red wine, the usual red and purple tones may start to turn a brownish colour if the wine has gone off. Young wine which has been exposed to a large amount of oxygen will start to take on this brown discolouration. In order to prevent discolouration from happening, wine should be kept in sealed bottles which will not allow oxygen to enter.

In order to improve your ability to spot changes in wine colour, open a bottle of wine and leave it uncovered. After one week, compare the colour of this wine to a previously unopened bottle. The difference should be clear.

Older bottles of wine will experience some discolouration, so don’t throw aged wine away if it shows the same brownish tone.

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Still Wine Starts To Show Bubbles

If still wine is in good condition then it will remain flat and won’t give off any bubbles. However, once the wine starts to show signs of fizz, then this is an indication that the wine has gone off. Bubbles are a sign that the wine is starting the fermentation process again. If these bubbles occur, it is best to pour the wine out and start a fresh bottle.

Wine Starts To Give Off A ‘Wet Dog’ Odour

The smell of wine is a key indicator as to whether it has stayed fresh or has started to go off. Every day that you pour yourself a glass of wine, smell the top of the bottle to check for any unusual scents. If the wine gives off the smell of wet cardboard or wet dog then it is a sign that the cork may have mould growing on it. This mould can seep into the wine and cause it to have the same smell.

Wine Starts To Smell Of Yeast

If the wine starts to smell of yeast then it is a sign that fungus is growing in the bottle and has tainted the liquid inside. Yeast will start to grow if bacteria gets inside the bottle.

Wine Starts To Smell Of Vinegar

A wine that has gone bad may start to give off a pungent smell of vinegar. This is because the wine has become too acidic.

Use this guide to check whether the wine has started to go off.

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