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How Independent Wine Producers are Remaining Competitive

How Independent Wine Producers are Remaining Competitive

Over the past two decades, the wine industry has changed drastically, and large producers have begun to dominate. However, many independent producers are not simply giving up and selling out. Instead, they are changing the way they work and adapting to not only survive, but also thrive.

They are looking at every area of their business and working smarter and that includes how they market themselves. Many independent wine producers are choosing to work with innovative wine shops like Portland Wine. This wine distributor offers their customers big brand wines, but also sources a significant percentage of their range from independent producers.

The Customer Loves Small Producers

When it comes to wine, UK consumers have sophisticated palate. Some people drink the same brand all the time, but most people like to experiment and try something new. They enjoy trying wines from different areas of the world and appreciate the chance to drink wines produced by small, independent vineyards.

UK wine consumers are willing to pay for good quality wines. Since the recession, wine sales have been under pressure, but during 2012 and early 2013 the biggest increase in sales has come from the top end of the market. More health conscious UK consumers are buying fewer bottles, but are spending more on each purchase. This fact and a growing thirst for exclusivity is leading to a great market that is ripe for independent wine producers many of whom produce high quality fine wines.

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