6 Quick And Easy Christmas Cocktails

6 Quick And Easy Christmas Cocktails

In the lead up to the festive season pubs across the nation are gearing up to cater for an influx of merrymakers. Everyone loves a good Christmas cocktail and introducing a seasonal drinks menu is one of the most effective ways to boost your bottom line during the winter months. While some pubs will be able to execute this with ease, some establishments just aren’t armed with the knowledge and equipment to whip up show stopping drinks. But that doesn’t mean they should miss out on the opportunity to shake and stir up a storm! We’ve come up with six easy and simple Christmas cocktail recipes that require very little effort and are guaranteed to please the palettes of your punters.

Mulled wine/cider

It may not be a conventional cocktail but mulled wine is guaranteed to pull sales! It’s as easy as infusing a few bottles of house wine with a premade mulled spices fusion, storing the heated mixture in a pot and serving it up as the orders roll in. Mulled cider is also gaining popularity, and is as simple as buying the bottled cider and heating with cinnamon sticks.

Spiced merry mojito

Mojitos are a classic cocktail yet simply by replacing white rum with spiced rum, you can give yours a festive makeover with next to no effort.

A very cherry Christmas

Investing in some flavoured liqueurs is a cheap and easy way to turn your staple spirits selection into a diverse cocktail menu. For example, all you would need to do to whip up “A very cherry Christmas” would be to add a dash of cherry liqueur to vodka and soda water. Simple yet tasty!

Apple crumble

Most pubs have a steady supply of apple juice which makes this cocktail great for even the most casual of bars. Simply top up shots of dark rum and brandy with apple juice, add a dash of cinnamon and voila!

Festive and fruity

Citrus flavoured drinks are inherently Christmassy and are guaranteed to go down a treat. This recipe is as easy as blending a shot Cointreau, shot of gin, dash of lemon juiceand serving in a martini glass. Alternatively top up with soda water and serve in a generic tall glass with a slice of lime.

Christmas cookie

Everyone loves chocolate and this deliciously decadent cocktail is sure to delight. Invest in a supply of chocolate liqueur, blend with a cream based liquor such as Baileys, add a dash of vodka and you’re done!

While the festive season can be incredibly fun the constant revelry also significantly increases the risk of damage. As such, every landlord should ensure that they have a comprehensive pub insurance policy in place before kicking off the festive season. Whether it’s as simple as broken glasses and accidental upholstery damage or as serious as malicious vandalism and fire destruction, an adequate pub insurance policy will ensure that your increased cocktail profits aren’t eaten up by other unexpected expenses.

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